OUR PROGRESS – 2023 autumn/winter – 2024 spring

Skipper Business breakfast with stakeholders

A number of stakeholders were invited at regional level in each partner organization’s countries.

The Stakeholder pool consists of HEIs NGOs, multinational companies and big national companies and SMEs. Their tasks are to participate in our Skipper business breakfast meetings, provide us feedback on materials we send them, helping us to develop a prototype of a diploma supplement.

Development of Skills Matrix

The Skills Matrix is a useful and flexible tool that includes the main demands of the world of work in the aspect of competence development in HEIs. We selected 10 set of skills in the Skills Matrix to assess and evaluate with a modular structure. The Matrix is easy to understand by both university educators and employers. It consists of 10 great categories, with 3 sub-categories under each. This adds up to a total of 30 skills and competences with 3-5 key elements per sub-category in order to precisely define them for the measurement.

Development of a Learning Map

This map is a visualization of possible learning paths with regard to the academic learning and the extra-curricular paths, integrating the formal and non-formal learning processes into the context of the holistic view of a person. We used gamification and edutainment methods to make the portfolio engaging and attractive for users.

Development of SKIPPER Portfolio and Passport in digital format

The Portfolio consists of the Skills Matrix, the Learning Map and a Guide on how to use and implement them.

It also has offering on a diploma supplement form (the Passport) and an assessment aid of skills and competences.

The current status is that the Specification and Customer Journeys are implemented in the APP development, the Passport’s technical issues are being resolved in terms of IT and are under way in terms of university processes.

2nd Transnational Project Meeting in Wroclaw – December 2023

The 2nd transnational project meeting was organised by the Polish Wrocław University of Economics, in Wroclaw on 11-12th December 2023. It was a blended meeting with four partners offline and one partner online and Polish stakeholders also joined. We had a discussion on the shape of the IT System, Learning Path, Prototype portfolio, and Digital Portfolio, then we visited the Business Process Simulation Center.

NEXT STEPS – Future issues – 2024 / 2025 spring

  • Development of Digital guide for educators and company leaders.
  • Organising at least 3 staff training events with 6 participants each. Developing a training schedule and program for Mentors and administrative staff.
  • Try-outs: Handing out at least 75 SKIPPER Passports at the end of the 2024/2025 semester per participating universities (University of Pannonia, University of Ljubljana, Wrocław University of Economics). Incorporating the SKIPPER PASSPORT process into Faculty practice, assigning mentors and students to the Pilot and executing the pilot (at least 25 students per university). MENAT and Learning Innovation will support the process with feedback on company aspects.


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