The SKIPPER project’s main goals are the followings:

Our project is aimed at creating a Skills Portfolio of Personal Development (SKIPPER) for students that contains their achievements during the university years in a way that both curricular and extra-curricular activities are recognised. In order to make the Portfolio useful and part of the everyday practice of higher education institutes, we will assess the skill mismatches and we will promote the skills development to ensure that students, universities understand the necessity of the improvement of skills. We plan to do this within a consortium of members with considerable amount of experience in the fields of competence measurement, skill development and higher education.

This goal encompasses the following 4 specific objectives:

1, Assessing the gap between the competencies/skills developed by higher education institutions and the skills expectations of the labour market.

2, Establishing a Skills Matrix containing the key skills required from graduates, identified by desk research and stakeholder feedback.

3, Developing a Skills Portfolio, a gamified digital tool incorporating curricular and extra-curricular learning pathways that contribute to students’ skills development.

4, Devising a Skills Passport based on the Skills Portfolio, serving as a diploma supplement to graduates, providing an objective depiction of their skills.